About Us

Welcome to Summit Mental Health

Summit Behavioral Health is a leading community program in Southern Nevada that serves children, adults and families with issues related to behavioral health. Our clinical programs are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, couples, and families. We provide an integrated approach to healing by utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of Psychiatrists, Licensed Certified Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Basic Skills Trainers, Psychosocial Rehabilitators, and coordinators.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Summit is to provide support to individuals and families who are experiencing life stressors or have experienced traumatic events by identifying immediate needs, assessing mental health, case management, and teaching life skills to improve daily living.

Why Choose Summit Mental Health?

Our staff ensures quality care you can trust. Our treatment plans are tailored specifically to your needs. Our services help develop solutions to current stressors in a manageable period of time.  Our goal is to help you find direction in your life by helping you improve your coping strategies and providing you with tools to face life’s challenges.

Our Team of Professionals

We offer a variety of therapists that are sensitive to the client’s needs with different specialties who are culturally competent

Our Professional Staff

  • Psychiatrist 
  • Mental Health Counselors  
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Behavioral Health Specialists 
  • Case Managers