• Success Stories

    Success Stories

    With our clients, the goal is of course a complete recovery. However, with many it is a slow process of overcoming mental and environmental barriers. We have a fair share of success stories but one stood out in our minds recently and he graciously granted us to share his story:

    “My name is Norris and I became homeless 3 1/2 years ago. After maintaining sobriety for 22 years, I relapsed to alcohol and drug use. I found myself sleeping in dumpsters and scraping by to get food. I came across Summit Mental Health by accident one day as I was sitting in the day room at Catholic Charities. They were there to offer assistance with those of us who were experiencing psychological issues. I figured it was time to take action on my own issues and end my bad cycle. They immediately set me up for an assessment, then ongoing counseling. I discovered I had depression but I never put the pieces together to be able to identify that. With their guidance since then I have found a home. I even purchased a brand new bike two weeks ago so I no longer have to walk long distances in the heat. I also go to AA meetings regularly now and the weekly motivation class at Catholic Charities. Things aren’t turning around overnight but, week to week, they are getting better for me.”


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